Tuesday, August 11, 2009

UGH!!! Ousted governor wants a reality show now

These past couple of days. Well I could include the past weekend. Yesterday Roland Burris sounded as if he may run for his Senate seat, yeah the one where he was appointed by Ousted governor who had recently been arrested for placing that very Senate seat up for sale. Authorities are still attempting to find the truth of what happened when it was decided to make this appointment. Get this Sen. Burris bowed out of a re-election campaign last month!

On Friday, Ousted governor (well Rod Blagojevich), was found at an outdoor street party to play Elvis. It should be no secret that he's an Elvis Presley fan! Then you wonder can't this guy go away.

Today, it appears he can't. Now he wants a reality series. He tried that already and was enjoined from going (well he was stopped) and instead his wife participated in a reality series in the jungles of Central America. The excuse was about the money as it is now. Apparently Blagojevich feels that he can't make a living thanks to the current environment that is largely of his own doing.

Since being ousted from office in January, he seems to have become nothing more than a freak show attraction. After something like this most normal people would just recoil and go into the background, but that's not Ousted governor's style. Although what can I say sometimes it's better to keep living and get out there than to continue to feel the pressure of the law on you. Especially if you were dumb enough to break the law in the first place.

You know what I think. The way Ousted governor has been acting since his arrest and after his ouster, I wouldn't be surprised if he only unraveled before our eyes. He almost seemed oblivious to the trouble he's in, but what happens when reality finally sets in.

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