Saturday, July 25, 2009


This is what happens when I'm on the road to Detroit:
After I got divorced I met the a wonderful girl but my erections were soft and needed some help. So I tried VGeneric Viagra, 20 minutes after taking the Viagra my erections are enhanced to new levels. And it was the solution to my impotence problem.
This "spam" comment was in response to this thread about a Mary Mitchell column on birth control. I posted excerpts from that column close to two years ago.

Heh, when you think about it, why is the commenter who is known as "Julia F." talking about getting divorced and meeting a wonderful girl, but complaining about soft erections. I didn't know there were men named Julia. :P

BTW, I rejected the comment!

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pathickey said...

Levois, those appear to waters in which no man should wade.

Don't even put your toes in there, Son!

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