Friday, July 03, 2009

Give the US Senate some "balls"

I really had to share this with you:
We're urging you to "Give the Senate Some Balls" by sending a couple of ping-pong balls or golf balls to each of your two U.S. senators.  Decorate them, if you like.  Write a message on them if you want to (keep it clean and respectful). As this movement catches on across the country this will send a louder message than any e-mail or phone call could ever do.  Sure, it may be a little on the indelicate side but it gets the point across.  Imagine when the news media start reporting that balls are pouring in to Senate offices from all over the country.
Here's the why?
The U.S. House has passed the disastrous Cap & Trade bill that will destroy 2.5 regular jobs for every green job it creates.  The Democrats admit that your energy bills are going to rise.  They're just not going to be honest enough with you to tell you how high they're likely to go.  Moody's says your electric bill will rise 15-30 percent.  A Heritage Foundation study says it's more likely going to be around 90 percent.  Whoever's right, Congress has voted to increase your energy costs . . . in the middle of a recession!
To be honest I have no strong feelings on this measure and I know that there are many who do. Obviously this radio guy wouldn't have come up with such a concept. The reason for sending "balls" to our US Senators is to encourage them to "kill" this proposal. Of course what he wants us to do is send these balls to not their offices in Washington, but in their respective states.

Let's just say that I would send my "balls" well ping-pong balls to my Senators Burris and Durbin. Of course here's the practical reason for that:
Since Congress is in recess right now and all mail to the Capitol in Washington is being sent to a holding facility before it's sent to senate offices, we need you to send your balls to your senators' state offices.
Heh, since I have no strong feelings on this cap-and-trade issue this is the primary reason I would sends some "balls" to my US Senators. It would be for their handling of Roland Burris, I and many around the country consider them spineless for allowing our then sitting Governor Rod Blagojevich for scaring them into seating Roland Burris.

Blagojevich, who I often refer to as Ousted governor, was arrested for attempting to "sell" to the highest "bidder" Obama's old US Senate seat. Any possible appointment made by Ousted governor was to have been considered tainted and it was expected that well he may not try to appoint anyone. Then he appointed Roland Burris and the race card was thrown about and suddenly Ousted governor's appointment wasn't so tainted after all.

BTW, I know I'm beating on a dead horse here. Burris isn't going away although in light of federal phone taps released in May one can see that he was attempting garner some favor in being appointed to Obama's vacated Senate seat. It may not have been illegal (well he isn't likely to be charged with perjury), however, it doesn't look good. Even then he's not going to give that seat up and will likely serve out the remaining time that would've been served by our current President Obama for whom this unique protest is indirectly targeted.

Let me also say, that Burris has had a great run in Illinois politics. He is the first black to have ran statewide (for Comptroller & Attorney General) and won. Although near the end of his political career he suffered some losses in particular three failed runs for Governor and one failed run for Mayor of Chicago. If this Senate appointment was to be some last hurrah it's SOME last hurrah and definitely one that isn't befitting of perhaps a significant figure in Illinois history.

The unfortunate thing about Burris is that, he may actually attempt to run to keep his Senate seat and if he can't raise the money or change his favorable numbers he may not even make it out of the primary. Almost like what happened with his three runs for Governor. It's very unfortunate when you think about it.

Well I got that off my chest although hey I should've said that during the firestorm over his wiretaps with Rob Blagojevich, Ousted governor's little brother. That being said that would be my reason for sending some "balls" to my US Senators. Some of you may do it over cap-and-trade.

If you don't mind sharing, if you have any other reasons why you'd give the US Senate some "balls", please leave a comment. I'd like to hear your reasons!

The link to Phil Valentine is via Instapundit!

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