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Monday, May 04, 2009

What does it mean to look like a Governor?

It's that time again where we look at who might run for Governor of Illinois. Over at the Chicago GOP blog (via CapFax) there is a post analyzing the potential race as it is currently composed amongst Republicans. There is one confirmed to go and the others well they don't know yet, but eventually we will. One has already dropped out!

We have a young upstart whom most of the people in this state has never of, but likes to tell the story of his dad who ran as a Democrat against the George Ryan machine in Kankakee. There's a State Senator who had already ran for Governor four years ago. There's a conservative activist considering a run haven't started an exploratory committee. There's a prosecutor who has already had two losing statewide runs for either Attorney General or Lt. Governor.

In this analysis by Tom Swiss, I had to question something. A few times in referring to the candidates he liked to say these gentlemen looked like a Governor. I posed a question on the CapFax in the very post that linked to Chicago GOP and got a hilarious answer:
Levois: “….look like a governor”. Not sure either, but a good start is look at Blago, and then consider anything but…
Hilarious not sure it answers my question. Hilarious none the less.

Anyway what does it mean to look like a Governor?

I thought of exactly this when I read that, must a Governor look like a white male? I'm very sure that wasn't Swiss' intent, but it was the first idea that came to mind. You know how much I attempt to avoid the race question here, I don't throw a race card around a lot here. That honestly what came to mind when I saw that.

There might be other things that might have a person look like a governor whether they may be black, female, hispanic or whatever other races there may be in the Great State of Illinois. Next year we'll have a black male and a white female potentially run for Governor on the Democratic side.

As we go forward we should define that and the comment had a point. If being a Governor resembles our ousted governor in poth policy and appearance whoever aspires to that office hopefully would be wise to do the exact opposite!

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