Monday, April 20, 2009

Burris and his advisor

I was on the CapFax blog this morning and I was the second to comment on the round-up about Roland Burris' fundraiser that was held over the weekend.

See my question revolved around the comments made by Ms. Delmarie Cobb, Burris' media advisor, around the time of this fundraiser that was held at N'Digo Communications on the near west side. You might get the idea that she doesn't care for Obama. That was my question this morning. What is her point and what is the beef?

Well I'm not sure if this was an answer or not but it was immediately behind my comment although I posted at about 7:10 this morning and this response was timed at 7:22 AM. A simple one word answer:
As in US Rep. Bobby Rush the man who clamored using some racial language suggesting any attempt by the US Senate to refuse to seat Burris is either a lynching or an attempt to keep the Senate segregated or at least a good ole boys club. Perhaps Rush stood up for Burris at that press conference just two days before the New Year because Burris was a part of his generation and someone had to speak up for him. Or perhaps Rush was truly blinded by the fact that there needed to be a black in the US Senate.

Well let's get back to the present day.

Burris is embattled, but he shows no sign of wanting to give up his Senate seat. This is probably the highest position he's going to have before he finally calls it a career although unfortunately he did it in such a flawed way (regardless of the fact that it was legal) that this may tarnish his political reputation. What I mean by flawed was him taking an appointment from a man who was arrested for putting such an appointment up for sale tarnishing the integrity of an esteemed body as the US Senate.

You know if he's seeking to retain that seat and he often notes that he's trying to get know his job as a US Senator even if he's not exactly wanted for obvious reasons. He's stretching out his decision as to whether or not he'll ever run again. Although if he was willing to take this seat despite the political problems it will pose he'd try to keep the seat in an election even if it's more than certain that he'll not only lose but hurt the person he'd lost a primary against.

Let me ask you this. If you held a fundraiser and in addition to poll numbers being low would only 50 people showing up be a bad sign if you were a prospective US Senate candidate? Of course let's note this fundraiser was about his legal fees as he fights investigations against him for his contradictory statements in front of a state impeachment panel as it was a campaign fundraiser.

Let's get back to Ms. Cobb.

If this is about Bobby Rush, what is her connection with him and why is she in the Burris fight? Also is she upset that Obama back when he was really a young buck, dared to run against Rush in 2000? Obama was one of those people who didn't wait his turn. You can point to Jesse Jackson Jr. as another one of those types. Still is this what it's aboput a continuation of some past fight that she and perhaps Rush has never gotten over?

Well during the campaign there was an article that I blogged about regarding how Chicago shaped Obama. It seemed that our President wasn't getting much in the form of acceptance from Chicago's black political establishment. Perhaps it was that no one knew who he was or that he had this funny foreign name that no one understood. Perhaps he was very educated and some pols didn't know how to deal with it. Just as likely as him being an outsider, that he may not have wanted to play the game they did. Perhaps the game you saw on display as Rush stood up for Burris at that press conference two days before New Years.

Who knows, but the main question I have is that if Cobb has a beef with Obama where does it come from? If Rush is the reason then how does Rush figure into this?

Well as we figure this out we still have to figure out whether or not Burris will run again? If not Burris then who might be the ideal candidate for US Senate? How might the race shake out whether Burris is in it or not?

Fact is 2010 is only around the corner, who knows what'll happen!

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