Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My ex-governor's got a book deal

I suppose it was bound to happen. He has to make a living somehow. While he was still governor there was speculation about his financial situation. Paying lawyer bills can be an expensive proposition when you just seem to have a problem getting out of trouble with the law.

Seriously though how can a man who's been under investigation continue engaging in criminal activities without knowing that at some point something will go down. Surely every thug on the streets knows when to cool off. Not this guy who even boasted to the law that they can listen in all they want. They sure did and they took action. Some might even allege that he probably didn't believe he'll get caught.

Now he can tell all in a book coming to a bookstore near you. Of course what to believe is entirely up to you, epsecially if the general consensus is that everything he continues to say is suspect. His deal is reportedly in the six-figures range but it can be relatively paltry. I wonder if the former Governor would take any deal he can get his hands on.

Let's not forget his handiwork for the last six years is still with Illinois. The big news for the last part of February was his Senate appointee Roland Burris. He's got some questions to answer about what happened and to maintain his position he's invoked the use of the race card. Black elected officials are lining up behind him although they may not put all of their weight behind him just yet.

Another aspect of this story is we don't know the financial shape of Illinois. The ex-governor's budget during his tenure has often been described as smoke and mirrors. He liked to spend big, but refused to hike taxes and user fees. What he might point to as his legacy (free public transportation for seniors and expanded healthcare for the uninsured) he got thru tricky hardball tactics such as circumventing the General Assembly or using the amendatory veto.

Anyway I'm sure most of us have already deduced what'll be in his book. He'll proclaim once again to the world that he's done nothing wrong and they wanted be rid of him because he was trying to get things done for people and keep them from seeing tax increases. Unfortunately that's oversimplifying the issue and denying the issue that got him impeached and removed from office.

BTW, have you noticed that I refuse to say his name. If I say corrupt ex-governor or ex-governor you should know what I mean. I don't want to talk about him, but yet today is one of those days or anytime Roland Burris comes up. Instead here's the next best thing refuse to say any part of his name. Besides I'm not entirely famous enough or legit enough as a blogger that I just have to identify him at all.

Still I understand that despite the cloud that hangs over him now that he's not going away quietly anytime soon. It's time to move on and it'll be time to decide who should be the next Governor of Illinois. And looking at the recent occupants of that office it's shouldn't be hard for others to make a break from the mistakes of the two more immediate Governors.

Oh and I can at least still talk about George Ryan. :P

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