Saturday, February 07, 2009

Michael Steele, RNC Chairman

He was elected on January 30th, 2009. I most twittered the proceedings as I came to different reports about the balloting to determine who'll be the next Republican Chairman.

Well, what can be said for RNC Chairman Steele.

Well all I really know about the guy was that he used to be Lt. Gov. of Maryland and he ran for US Senate against the now incumbent Ben Cardin. He ran a close race, but this was back in 2006, and that year wasn't particularly good for Republicans as the Democrats regained control of the US Congress.

I write about him know because in my religion class at least before we started to talk about our lesson for the day, we talked a little politics. At some point Michael Steele came up, and this should beg a question.

Does anyone believe that Michael Steele's ascension was an answer to Barack Obama? Was this a copycat move because the leader of the Democratic party is currently the President of the United States?

Well that was what my religion professor believes. Michael Steele was elected because the Republicans needed their own version of Barack Obama. But at least he noted one thing, Steele is no slouch. He may have more going on in his head than Gov. Sarah Palin. Indeed he went on to say that the Republicans only got Sarah Palin because of Hillary Clinton.

Anyway it was in the news that Chairman Steele has requested mass resignations from his RNC staff:
A Republican source says newly elected Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has requested the resignations of the entire RNC staff and signaled a dramatic turnover at the party organization.

Some aides may be retained, though Republicans are under the impression that Steele will lead a large-scale changeover in the institution, which has about 100 staffers. Obama's new team at the Democratic National Committee also requested mass resignations.

Many, including communications staffers, have been told their last day is Feb. 15.
I wonder what other changes Steele was have in store.

He might want to combat the often stated image of the Republican Party. That they are the party of the rich, that they are the party of old white men, or even the country club party. Nevermind the image of the Republican Party as the non-inclusive party and the whole Southern strategy image to attract disaffected Southern whites.

I wish Chairman Steele the best of luck and I hope to be able to keep very good track of him during his term, however long it is meant to be.

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