Friday, January 30, 2009

Second guessing Rod

I was watching CNN when the vote to impeach was affirmed via an electronic vote. When it came down unanimous the talking heads on that network started to second guess whether or not he should've really put up a defense in the state Senate.

There have been two schools of thought on this.

For one I thought it was dumb for him to boycott his own impeachment trial and engage on a media tour. He did say last month he was going to fight this until he takes his last breath and also insists that he's done nothing wrong. So why didn't he just put up a bit more of a defense and place himself under oath on a witness stand or at the very least presented some evidence that he's done nothing wrong.

Now some will say he probably made the right decision by going on his media tour. He could garner sympathy and public support. If he couldn't get it from his former allies in the state Senate or in his own state then he could take his own show on the road. There are others who might say he could poison his own jury and that might either get him acquitted or maybe a hung jury. Of course they also say that when the Blagojevich case finally hits trial, his media tour to New York will be a memory.

Well it's safe to say his visit to the state Senate yesterday was too little too late. Perhaps that was the trouble with his entire Governorship, he wouldn't talk to his own legislature or at least wouldn't spend enough time in Springfield to drum up support for those issues he talked up in front of them yesterday (health care, education, prescription drugs, etc.). I think his relationship with the General Assembly did him in as much as anything he could have possibly said on those wiretaps. Of course if it wasn't for those wiretaps would he ever have been removed yesterday?

Bye Rod!

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