Sunday, December 14, 2008

Governor Dictator

Heh, I stole this title from an earlier post by Backyard Conservative.

You know this occured to me thanks to the Governor's attempt to extort the Tribune Company to change their editorial staff. The whole story about getting state money for Wrigley Field either for purchase or renovation as was discussed for the past year. As we know already the Cubs have been up for sale and the Tribune Company has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Anyway this activity almost reminded me of what two-bit dictators would attempt in banana republics. Although at least in banana republics the attempt would be even less subtle. That is they would outright takeover a media outlet especially if said media outlet wasn't exactly on board with a particular regime's programs. The case of Governor Blagojevich is different.

An opportunity presented itself when it involved the Governor's beloved Cubs and Wrigley Field. I call this subtle because at least the Governor wasn't trying to shut down the Tribune Co, but he sure wanted to hurt them using his power as Governor. In exchange for getting these funds he wanted Editorial Staff fired and then hopefully he would get some editorial support. Of course can you demand any media outlet (and in that definiton I will include blogs, TV, radio, and/or newspapers) provide you with editorial support. If you dared use your position as a public official to force people to accede to your will (i.e. force their opinions to be more in line with yours) is the mark of a person who probably should have earned the title of dictator.

Thankfully this scheme and other schemes for which Blagojevich is accused and will likely lose his office as a result were unsuccessful. The Tribune company will one day recover. Wrigley Field will continue to host not only a baseball game, but also a Blackhawks game on New Years Day. Hopefully in the future the Cubs will continue to be successful and more so under new ownership!

In spite of Patti Blagojevich's profane statement against the Governor's beloved Cubs I would think that the storied baseball club will be just fine. In spite of the Governor attempting to force the Trib to change their editorial page in favor of him, the Trib was able to have the scoop of his arrest and had more visitors to their website than ever. Things didn't turn out too well for "Governor Dictator" now did it?

Tangent: I saw SNL last night. The very first segment showed the Governor attempting to get a bailout probably for his own purposes. Even threatened to burn down the committee room where Elizabeth Dole effectively insulted Illinois by telling the "faux" Governor that in any other state he would be a disgrace. Even offered up the wedding ring and skeletal hand of Abraham Lincoln for sale. Even Patti Blagojevich broke in to seek a seat on the board of NASA. And all the bleeps was hilarious. Sadly it may have just proved that Illinois is a joke!

And now you can see more reviews of the 12/13 edition of SNL especially the initial sketch from...
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And as we start a new week let's see what the future holds the latest rumor is that the Governor could resign. We'll have to see since you know, I've often seen speculation that he wouldn't be very willing to resign his office.

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