Sunday, October 05, 2008

Check out this "pledge line"

Almost evokes images of some of the crossings I've seen since I've been to school in the AUC. I almost thought they were Omegas because of the gold boots they were wearing.

I wonder what's up with having a "pledge" line of boys between the ages of 12 to 17 to announce their praises of Obama. Would this be appropriate to indoctrinate these young people in such a way? Should they credit Obama for their big dreams?

Think about it, I thought about entrepreneurship way before Obama. Yeah I'm much older now, but surely these young men had someone to talk about these things with them. Entrepreneur, doctor, lawyer, engineer, automotive technician, doesn't matter.

I've seen this vid a lot this morning. Check out this video's YouTube page this vid caused some drama because this was at a school. It's not exactly clear to me if it's a public school or a charter school. All the same this is scene as a form of propaganda using impressionable young people.

Check out Instapundit, Newsalert, and Atlas Shrugs. They're looking at this as a form of propaganda. To be sure it is propaganda. Heh, Newsalert actually titled his post appropriately using the term fraterning in its title although it still emphasizes the paramilitary aspect of this display. One of the links on Instapundit to Confederate Yankee breaks it down further mentioning the performance known as "stepping".

Anyway does anyone have any thoughts? Do you think this is heaping praise or worship on a politician who many see as con-men?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

lord or as my granny would say Lawd lol

Crnk Mnky said...

The original was taken down, but there's plenty of duplicates.

It's not even as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Like a really bad political ad.

Learning speeches is good, and so is learning real reasons to vote for a candidate. However, the teacher should've known better than parading his students around dressed like Ωues.

He certainly should've been inspiring them to be great before Obama was nominated. He should continue to inspire them no matter what happens in November.

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