Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Governor Blagojevich a "homeboy"

You know, I so wish I knew how to use Photoshop so that I can craft an image of the Governor with an afro, hip-hop fashion, gold chains, and perhaps a pair of shades. That would mock his statement that he made at the Chicago City Club more than anything I can ever write here.

I believe this is a form of pandering or perhaps he thinks so much of himself that he can declare himself a friend of the black community. After all he does have a black man as an important ally against another white man whom he can't seem to get along with too well.

You know, Bill Clinton was often referred to as the first black President. The difference between Clinton and Blagojevich was that at least someone gave the former President the title and he himself did sort of run with it. He enjoys or at least enjoyed good relations with the black community. What does Blagojevich have to show of his support from blacks?

He botched one or two attempts at giving a historic church with an architecturally significant building their million dollar check. Also he offered that check at the very beginning of an election year. He doesn't seem to be able to close the deal on reforming public education or it could be concluded that his interest isn't in it. Yet he's the first black Governor of the state.

You know I've never understood why people referred to Bill Clinton as the first black President. The reasons that have been used to justify this have struck me as negative. Let me see the man was after him, he liked to fool around with the ladies, and there's one more I can't pull down exactly. I don't think the governor can nail down the fool around part, but he certainly can claim the man is after him.

My thing is if he can get something done in Springfield he can claim as many mantles as he wants. At this moment in time, he really can't talk!

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Kevin Robinson said...

Clinton never referred to himself as the first black president.

That was Toni Morrison.

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