Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sheriff Says Rev. Jackson's Gun Protests Costly, Misdirected

From WBBM-AM, well someone has got to tell the ole Reverend. I would almost wonder why this never occurs to Jackson:
Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran agrees that the violence must be stopped, but he is critical of the protests at D.S. Arms.

In a statement issued Saturday, Curran said Jackson's protest at D.S. in August 2007, where he was joined by the Rev. Michael Pfleger, cost "the taxpayers of Lake County" approximately $5,200, because of the security detail that was provided by the sheriff's police. The security cost of Saturday's protest was not yet available.

"D.S. Arms is a wholesaler of guns and does not sell guns to the general public ," Curran said, "although it will sell guns to licensed gun stores that sell guns at the retail level. The largest percentage of D.S. Arms guns are sold to the government (this includes the United States Military and numerous law enforcement agencies)."

I believe that the Reverend Jackson’s efforts could be better utilized than demonstrating in front of a licensed wholesaler of guns," Curran said.

Curran said efforts to stop abortion, address the lack of male role models for young men and reduce sexual promiscuity could do more to affect violence in the streets than protests at a gun manufacturer such as D.S.

"Raising children is a difficult job and it is even more difficult when we do not have a certain level of maturity," part of Curran's statement said. "This is a message that needs to be given especially by those that claim to be delivering Gods message."

I would encourage the Reverend Jackson to consider my suggestions, however while he is here we will fully protect and treat him with all the love and respect that we would show to any visitor," Curran said.

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