Friday, June 27, 2008

A little early to be thinking about 2010 is it?

In the first year of this blog, there had been a presidential election the year before. Seemingly a critical election, although now people weren't very happy with the direction of the nation. Indeed unhappy enough that they decided to vote in a Democratic majority in the US Congress. And it seems Americans are still not happy with the direction of the nation as we head into another election, but this time we choose a new President.

You know when Bush was inaugurated President there were people already lining up to run against him. This had to have been before September 11th happened. At that point President Bush seemed a lot weaker but then 3 years before what I would have thought a loss for Bush, I always though 2001 was a little early to speculate about who'll run against the President. Perhaps it's never to early to plan if you're serious but I always thought it wasn't something important enough for the press to start speculation.

Hey but wait, why did I put 2010 in the title?

Well. that's because in the first year of this blog's operation I took aim at the 2006 gubernatorial election. I wish I could tell you if I saw it as critical and obviously I did as time went forward on that election. Things were different in Illinois circa 2005-06 as there were federally between 2001 and 2006.

Perhaps the only thing I recall is that I wasn't that much in tune to state politics though at one point in time I was more in tuned to federal politics. I grew to realize that some spheres are more important than others although they're all connected. Federal, state, or local there is a connection involved there. Somehow local and state communities will have to elect representatives to the federal level. On top of that what happens at the state and local level not only affects us the citizens but also affects how the rest of the nation or indeed the world views us.

That being said overtime I saw speculation over who might run against my unpopular governor Rod Blagojevich in two years time. We've always heard about Lisa Madigan, but also in the past week there's been rumblings about former Clinton administration Commerce Secretary William Daley running for governor. We've also hear about former Chicago schools superintendant Paul Vallas making moves to run for governor. Then I saw this column from Russ Stewart.

I almost forgot! Perhaps the governor isn't even going to make it to 2010. He might get indicted or he might get impeached. If things had worked out he could have been subject to recall. Whatever the case may be, I get the idea that there are those who aren't very happy with the direction of the state right now.

As a result now we see a field formulating. Although it's only two years before the next election. I don't know what is the ideal window for a politician to consider joining a race. One might join too late if not too early. Perhaps this is the perfect time to look into running for governor if that's what you want to do.

Although in a way anyone thinking about the governor's race is probably going to be starved for attention with a presidential race going on. Especially since an Illinois senator is in the race for the presidency. Still I would like to see who might have the goods to replace a governor who has often been said in the press to be absent, inept, and lazy. I think I'll look forward to 2010.

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