Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why Hillary Sucks by the Southern Avenger

Visit the Southern Avenger here.

In other news Obama has won in North Carolina but when I started typing this post Hillary was leading in Indiana. As a matter of fact it's more close between Clinton and Obama as of 10:48 PM Central Time.

I found an article at 10:51 from the Washington Post where Gary, Indiana Mayor Rudy Clay makes a statement about the vote count:
As the fate of a nailbiter Indiana primary -- and possibly the course of the Democratic race -- hung on his city, Gary Mayor Rudy Clay said just now that it might take a while yet to finish counting the vote in Lake County, which includes Gary, and said tonight his city had turned out so overwhelmingly for Barack Obama that it might just be enough to close the gap with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"Let me tell you, when all the votes are counted, when Gary comes in, I think you're looking at something for the world to see," Clay, an Obama supporter, said in a telephone interview from Obama's Gary headquarters. "I don't know what the numbers are yet, but Gary has absolutely produced in large numbers for Obama here."

Clay said the results were late coming in from Lake County because of the large numbers of absentee ballots that had to be counted -- about 11,000. Under local practice, all of the cartridges from voting machines in Gary and nearby East Chicago are first collected at the local airport before being driven to the county headquarters to be tallied with the results from the rest of the county, he said. He said there were no major technical problems holding up the count.

"It takes a little time. We want to be sure that every vote is counted fair and right," he said. "I just talked to the director out there and they are working like junkyard dogs to get that done as soon as possible. They are taking some time but I told them to do it right. That's what taking the time."
I just heard watching FOX News that the count is moving slowly and Obama is closing in on Hillary. The tally as of 11 PM Central Time is 51-49 Hillary. I'm trying to find a solid article for that, but nothing is coming up to my satisfaction.

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