Saturday, May 10, 2008

If Michelle Obama is next first lady ...

Lynn Sweet talks about the role Michelle Obama could play as the First Lady of the United States:
Michelle Obama gave a hint of what her portfolio may be if she becomes first lady at a fund-raiser Friday for Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.). Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson -- of Plamegate fame -- who has been stumping for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) -- was also a featured speaker.

Obama suggested that if she were to become first lady, she would take on women's and family

"And if I have the honor of becoming the next first lady, I want to continue these conversations like the ones I've had with these incredible women across the country. I want to ensure that their voices don't get drowned out ever again in Washington."


I'm used to seeing Michelle deliver stemwinders -- she can be fierce, persuasive, charming, mocking and sarcastic -- but on Friday she was businesslike and read from a text, sort of first lady like. It also made political sense since the crowd included Clinton backers.

The family campaigned together last weekend in Indiana and Obama recalled, "At one point someone asked Malia, our older daughter, what she enjoyed most about the weekend and she said, 'being with my dad,' and it nearly broke my heart."

Mrs. Obama has surely been as much apart of this election as the mantra of her husband's campaign which is hope, change, & a new type of politics. Honestly what I've heard of her or what I've seen of her as far as the campaign goes has given me cause. Don't get me wrong her comments where she said this is the first time she's proud of her country certainly should be kept in context.

She surely misspoke though I'm sure it was in connection with the fact that Americans are going for a man who's part African (well Kenyan, and I make this distinction to avoid calling him a black American) and part white. In a way I'd be proud of that myself, although I would look less at a person's race/ethnicity and consider more this person's plan as President. Still I understand where this comes from although if some wanted to say she suggest that America is a downright mean nation, I would take umbrage at that especially since you know she got an Ivy League education. That should be a blessing.

At times in this campaign I think Obama should pull his wife aside and say to her to slow down. I would go do far as to accuse her of enjoying this attention too much. Of course it must be understood that while we do want to know the politician who wants to be President at the same time we want to know their spouses. Unfortunately a spouse can at times be problematic when unfortunately some of what they may say or do can reflect adversly on their politician significant other.

We may not have to look much further than Bill Clinton's blow up at a rally. He wags his finger at someone who interrupted his speech. There are those who say he needs to shut it and sit down as well.

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