Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Farmer found guilty of selling raw milk without permit

Yeah remember that story I posted yesterday about that Pennsylvania farmer who was raided and then arrested. Well here's an update. What do you think about drinking raw milk that is largely unpasteurized or homogenized that you would find in your grocery store:

Cumberland County farmer Mark Nolt was found guilty of selling raw milk directly to consumers this morning in a summary trial before District Judge Susan Day in South Middleton Twp.

Nolt, who was fined $4,040, will appeal the convictions in Cumberland County Court.

Sixty supporters of Nolt protested outside the office of Day's office during the trial.

Nolt's business was closed by the state Department of Agriculture after he didn't renew his state permit to sell raw, non-pasteurized milk. His permit expired in August 2006.

Three Department of Agriculture employees testified that they purchased raw milk and raw milk products from Nolt's stand at the Carlisle Farmers Market on three different occasions in 2007.
Here's some another tidbit worth reading on this subject. And here's another story.

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