Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chicago Libertarians Get Organized for New Presidential Candidate

It's interesting to hear about the different political groups that make up Chicago. It's even more interesting especially since these groups are more or less in the minority. Imagine that Libertarians in Chicago!

Still this piece by Chicago Public Radio which talks about local libertarians working for their standard bearer former Georgia Republican Congressman Bob Barr exposes one problem with getting on the ballot here in Illinois...
Lakumb says in Illinois, one of the top priorities is making sure Bob Barr's name appears on the state ballot come November. But to do that, Libertarians need several thousand more petition signatures than Democrats or Republicans.
I'd like to see a change in ballot access. The rules only seem to enable a two party system that I would imagine many people are disillusioned by. Then there are those of either party who'll vote for a person with that magic label next to their name because they don't want to see the other guy get elected. That's not very conducive to producing the best possible candidate isn't it?

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