Friday, April 04, 2008

Who does Rep. Monique Davis thinks she is exactly?

She tears into a local atheist Rob Sherman at a legislative hearing today and this is news I got from Tribune columnist Eric Zorn's blog. This exchange almost reminds me of this exchange I wrote about two years ago between her and Mary Mitchell as per Mitchell's column about the actions of black leaders at the funeral for Coretta Scott King.

Here's some audio I could include a transcript, but it's better to listen. Who made her the arbiter of what should or shouldn't be heard? How is she to decide what is or isn't dangerous and shouldn't be heard by children? I'm saying this is someone who believes in a higher power, but doesn't believe that I must silence people because I feel that their philosophy as dangerous.

This clip almost sounds as bad as these evangelical Christians such as a Pat Robertson or a Jerry Falwell. Oh and I understand that evangelicals come from all walks of life, but this type of behavior would disappoint me coming from Christians. If people say these days that Christianity is under attack in this country or most certainly around the world, what would be disappointing is we display this same type of intolerant behavior as non-Christians would to Christian.

Unfortunately state Rep. Davis is of the opinion that Christianity is the state religion and that atheists are dangerous and must be stifled. That even Sherman can't even be called to testify about some state funds and whether or not state funds should be appropriated to a religious institution.

BTW, now I know what she thinks about atheists or people who dare question black "leadership", but I wonder how she feels about conservatives. LOL!

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