Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Chicago may ban little baggies

Well while I found this story on Newsalert I also found it over at the Capitol Fax. Another facet of the war on Drugs being debated on Chicago's City Council is to ban these small plastic bag that may contain some type of narcotic. Of course this could be weed or crack or any other illegal substance. Of course if a business deals with such bags this is just a license for the authorities to shut down these businesses.

Of course this will be done under the auspices that we are protecting our kids and that it is a destructive force in our society. One just wonders why we are debating some of these trivialities what we really could be doing to curb drug use in our society and I'm sorry banning these little bags won't solve the problem. So maybe the City Council should focus on well cutting some waste so that in a reasonable amount of time we can cut these county and city taxes!

Then again I could discuss how we should just end this drug war and go after those "street pharmacists" out there instead of those businesses who might deal in little plastic baggies.

Both blogs cite a Sun-Times article.

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