Sunday, February 10, 2008

Marathon Pundit goes backwards in time

Five days late but better than never!

To talk about that interesting year in Chicago politics, 1995. The sitting Representative for the safe Democratic district was Mel Reynolds and it turns out that he just so happened to have sexual relations with a minor. The story I heard was the authorities leaned on this young lady to force her to give the Congressman up. I could conclude someone was out to get him but the fact was he had no business getting it on with a minor. That is a fact!

So this started a scramble that ultimately put the son and namesake of Rev. Jesse Jackson into a seat in the "People's House". You know I remember a woman ran for that seat but I had no idea that Emil Jones was in the running as well. Of course back in 1995, I would have had no idea who the future President of the state Senate was anyway. All these individuals have a connection to the political scene right now.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is still a sitting Congressman for the 2nd Congressional District and it often rumored that he has an eye on Chicago's Mayoralty. Then there's his wife who is an Alderman in the 7th Ward and is seeking the important position of Democratic committeeman there on Super Tuesday!

Oh yeah I should mention if you thought that the feud going on with Beavers and Jackson started with the municipal election think again. Apparently reading Mr. Rueberry's post 1995 kicked it off and the future may look very bright for the Jackson clan.

And the woman well she, Alice Palmer (a name that I couldn't remember yet a woman was in the race) held the state senate seat that by 1997 would be held by Barack Obama until he took his US Senate Seat in 2004. Well, Obama apparently used the time honored practice of challenging the petitions of his opponents and knock them off the ballot. That includes Alice Palmer. I believe I saw Alice Palmer's name on the ballot in Chicago for delegate pledged to Sen. Clinton.

Of course, I already mentioned Emil Jones. I do know that for a long time he was the Senate Minority leader. Until 2003, Democrats held a minority in the Senate but that year would see Emil Jones elected as the Senate President.

Let me not give away any more of Rueberry's post and I'll let you go over to Marathon Pundit and give him a read. So go!

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