Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gov plans $300 per-child tax rebate

The bellyaching over this might not be much different than what it was for a stimulus package being advanced by the federal government. The idea here is that it's our money anyway and they're giving us the priviledge of getting it back. I can view this in the same way as many see the federal stimulus package.

Blagojevich yesterday offered his state of the state address, he wants to stimulate the economy of the state and hopefully lessen the effects of a recession. He still wants to expand access to health care (his pet project as of late so to speak) now he actually wants to take care of businesses by offering them tax breaks. Last year he wanted to raise taxes on them!

And of course the issue coming up is how are we going to pay for this. Let's be honest during his terms as governor no one will accuse him of being fiscally conservative. The governor likes to spend and it makes his no tax pledge look foolish, although to be fair if you know most of the electorate doesn't want their taxes increased then raising taxes would be hard to do. Still if you want to spend and you have a little more political capital then our current governor does at this moment, then it follows that you might have to raise taxes somewhere. If not at least raise income or sales taxes or even the GRT.

I don't know what do you think out there. Are you OK with $300 of you money that should already be yours being given back to you? Do you think this is another smoke & mirrors promise by the governor that will come to nothing?

Gov plans $300 per-child tax rebate - Sun-Times

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