Monday, February 11, 2008

DC: A failed state?

I found this article from InstaPundit this morning...
The "Failed State" Brief in DC v. Heller:

On behalf of several association of private security guards and detectives, and the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, a brief in DC v. Heller supplies the facts of the appalling mismanagement and institutional incompetence of DC's Metropolitan Police Department. Almost everyone who lives or works in the District of Columbia is well aware that the District's government performs very poorly compared to almost all other big-city governments in the United States. Nevertheless, the Buckeye brief is shocking.

The four core empirical subparts of the brief are titled: "The MPD Has A Significant Problem Hiring And Retaining Qualified Police Officers." "The MPD Has A Significant History Of Mismanagement." "The District's '911 System Is A Joke'." and "The MPD Has A Significant History Of Corruption." Every one of these points is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, relying almost entirely on reports in Washington newspapers.

Moreover, although paying for security, through a private security guard firm, is still legal in DC, the MPD controls the licensing of security guards, and works hard to suppress the private security business through licensing abuse, and by prosecuting security guards on specious charges.
I wonder if this is why they can't get a full vote in the United States House of Representatives as they've been trying to do for years. Perhaps DC needs to clean up their house before they can get more privileges.

On second thought, this also looks like a way to attack the DC gun ban. This might be true everywhere in fact. The police aren't going to do their job to protect you, well it could be argued that it never was their job and it would be impossible in fact, so might as well put that in the hands of individuals. Allow them the necessary tools instead of believing that American cities will turn into the wild west because someone is carrying a weapon.

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