Thursday, February 21, 2008

City's 'Food Deserts' Can Lead To Big Health Risks

This has been a big story in Chicago for the past few years. Perhaps even longer than that at least for those who live in such "deserts" and they're concerned about it. Still I don't get the solution part as talked about in the Channel 2 story.

Hey I've got an idea! No more research you see a problem perhaps you can open a grocery! Or perhaps you can get a grocery chain to open a store in the neighborhood. If nothing else though and you're willing to run that business or at least find some capital or some partners open up a grocery store! Stop complaining if you see a problem and trust me I know it won't be easy.

Yeah you'll lose money though there is a good probability that you'd profit from such a venture. Still, all this whining and crying like Bobby Rush is doing isn't solving the problem. Good thing he's bringing attention to it, but obviously he's glossing over the main solution. The main solution being find someone willing to open a grocery store whether a budding entrepreneur or a chain such as a Wal-Mart, Dominick's, Jewel, Market Foods, Target, or Aldi's to name a few examples.

Why continue to do research on what you know is a problem? And why seek a solution to a problem where the solution is obvious? The solution is obvious that's what's missing in this story.

BTW, I could have sworn that they went to 79th and the Dan Ryan to take a shot of the abandoned Dominick's store that closed within the past couple or so years. Almost seems a little unfair, doesn't it. Besides there's a Jewel right down the Dan Ryan and another one on 79th Street just across the expressway.

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