Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's talk about some indictments

Some of the governor's people this time. Story from the Sun-Times...
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald cautioned Thursday that people shouldn't jump to conclusions about three people linked to Gov. Blagojevich being indicted on the same day.

But, for the second time, the governor is identified in a federal corruption indictment -- this time as "Public Official A," a source close to the investigation said.

Former investment banker P. Nicholas Hurtgen allegedly told a hospital executive "Official A" wanted hospital projects steered to a preferred contractor, and that the desire to reward that contractor was "all about money" for political campaigns, Hurtgen's indictment alleges. The governor's office issued a forceful denial, claiming not to be that public official.

But, regardless of that denial and Fitzgerald's admonishment, this much is clear: The indictments of Hurtgen, Christopher G. Kelly and Abdelhamid "Al" Chaib leave Blagojevich facing a world of political, financial and potentially criminal trouble.

"It's like the game Battleship, and the shots are landing all around him," said Jay Stewart, executive director of the Better Government Association. "If [the investigation] isn't directed at the governor, it's sure coming close to him."
What are the odds that the US Attorney would find something on Blagojevich and make a lot of people's wish come true by indicting him next and taking him off the hands of the people of this state. I'll just take a wait and see attitude on this however.

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Bill Baar said...

Another sorry chapter in Illinois politics.

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