Saturday, December 29, 2007

I went to The Plaza today

You might know this place as Evergreen Plaza in a suburb of Evergreen Park on 95th and Western. This place has gone thru many changes over the years. They no longer have a two tier parking deck, a movie theater, and some of the stores have left (such as Walgreen's, Montgomery Ward's, or Circuit City to name a few) but the mall is still moving forward. Oh yeah why do I mention this.

I went today for the first time since there was a Christmas tree fire before the holidays. I went there and there was an area sectioned off with some dark plastic curtains (or I could call them hefty bags) where I will assume the fire started. The mall was closed for a time, but it's open now at least. Stores are open and I will assume they did decent business before Christmas. I am certainly glad that the fire didn't become widespread or at least no lives were lost.

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