Sunday, November 11, 2007

MyUrbanReport talks about an ATL ordinance banning sagging pants...

Armani Channel on assignment for HDNews reported on this story back in August interviewing ATL city council member C.T. Martin as well as those affected by this proposed ordinance.

It was mentioned in this video that this style was started in the prisons. I heard somewhere else that wearing such a style in prison gave a signal you wouldn't want it to give (and I'm not saying). What I can say is that this fashion fad has been around a long time perhaps the better part of a decade.

To be sure though I would oppose such an ordinace. I think it would be outrageous to send someone to jail because they refuse to pull up their pants. I've never really understood the fad, but I think there are better ways of using our police and legal resources. There are worse problems than how young people wear their pants.

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