Friday, November 16, 2007

Another town bans sagging pants.

Courtesy of, a story with video about a town outside of St. Louis, Missouri called Pine Lawn. Pine Lawn was the first municipality in Missouri to ban sagging pants...

According to the ordinance, pants are illegally sagging if they show underwear or skin below the waist. This law applies to males and females.

Those who violate the law face a $100 fine and the parents of violating minors can be charged $500 or sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Mayor Sylvester Caldwell says he received complaints about the fashion from elderly members of the community. Also, he thinks the law will make Pine Lawn more appealing to developers, although no developers specifically said they had a problem with excessively loose pants.

The law has come under fire as a way for police to target young people. Pine Lawn Police Chief Rickey Collins says this is not the case. He points to specific language in the ordinance that says sagging pants are not grounds for search and arrest, and he said he will only issue fines to people who repeatedly sag their pants in public.
There were a couple of stories that I have done here about this subject and attempts to make a law to ban it. I have to say though I understand what public officials are doing to make laws against this, but I would consider it an unnecessary intrusion. Should the government tell people how to wear their pants or even what to wear.

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