Friday, October 26, 2007

Ald. Howard Brookins is on Public Affairs

Well many of you have probably seen this episode already, however, if you haven't you can watch this episode here.

He is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Cook County State's Attorney. A position that will have a new person filling the role since the incumbent Richard Devine is not running for re-election. Brookins has a website for this campaign here. It should be noted that Brookins is also an alderman of the 21st Ward on the south side of Chicago.

ADDITION: I'm liking his position on allowing citizen to have guns. He mentions his position in this Public Affairs video. He doesn't want to go the route of Concealed Carry, yet. I can at least say he isn't on the gun control bandwagon.

EXTRA-ADDITION: I'm watching one of Brookins' rivals for the State's Attorney race Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin on an episode of Public Affairs. His positions on guns are in contrast to Ald. Brookins. He wants to pass more gun control laws. He wants guns off the street and he points to the Englewood neighborhood as an example. Englewood being the neighborhood that has lost many to gun violence.

He knows people gets shot in the ghetto, but I think he's wrong on the idea that removing guns are the only way to make Englewood or any other community in Cook County safer. It seems very typical and knee-jerk of a good number of politicians. Even worse I don't think he trusts the people to be responsible with fire-arms. I don't think that's safe.

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