Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday's items of interest

  • Last week there was a big protest of Macy's with former Marshall Field's customers picketing outside of the flagship Field's store on State Street. Today Steve Garfield talks about his experience about paying off a credit bill to Macy's and the resulting confusion. This is something I'm sure many have experienced with the conversion of Marshall Field's stores to Macy's. BTW, the man making the phone call with regards to this charge account isn't even based here in the states.

  • The 2nd ward of Chicago is now represented by a white alderman after 90 years of being under the stewardship of a black alderman. Now it looks like the newly elected white alderman might attempt to take away the 2nd Ward Democratic Committeemanship for another black. This black being 1st Congressional district Congressman Bobby Rush. From Michael Sneed of the Sun-Times...
    Sneed hears rumbles 2nd Ward Ald. Bob Fioretti may challenge U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush for his Dem committeeman seat. Hmm.
    That should be very interesting, yes?

  • One of my favorite blogs get some recognition from the Sun-Times. Congrats to Second City Cop.

  • Finally from Peach Pundit...
    It’s great to live in a country where people really do think they can run for President though 99.999999% of the nation has not one damn clue who they are.

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