Saturday, June 30, 2007

You see what goes on in the general neighborhood...

I was out today with my mom and she saw some activity down a side street. Actually what we saw was nothing but cars parked on a street where there are normally no cars. You know like someone is having a party.

The general neighborhood where we live is basically single family homes with a smattering of apartment buildings. Lawns that are generally freshly cut and there are a few big houses (or I could call them mansions) dotted around the neighborhood. The only reason you might see cars up and down sidestreets is so that people can catch a train downtown.

In any event we checked out what happened and I think we found out what happened. A lady appeared to be holding a microphone standing close to what I thought was a garage. Then I had a chance to look closer and we both got out of the car to check out the people sitting in folding chairs.

At about 94th and Michigan is a piece of property known as the West Chesterfield Cultural Center. And on the evening after about 6PM there was going to be a fashion show where tickets cost about $15. There was a clown performing when we walked up. The final act would be the actual fashion show, that we wouldn't see. The first act was a tribute to our military veterans and current active duty personnel.

You know I was aware this place existed (in fact maybe I'll post a picture of it eventually). I walked by there many years ago and I wondered who lived there. There a large yard in front and there a Chicago style bungalow in the back. There is a sign out front identifying the place.

It could be thought that the community decided to buy this place and use it for events such as that I just described. It's easy for me to decry the loss of a perfectly good house if it's not used as home, I think it's great that the neighborhood came together to own this place and use it for the community. Perhaps other neighborhoods around the city, county, state, and nation could consider doing something like that.

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Ald. Lyle said...

The West Chesterfield Community Council owns the home. They use it for their monthly meetings and other events such as their Annual Garden Walk. I am forwarding your blog to the President who can give you further info.

The block was especially full that afternoon as there was a birthday party for retired Illinois Appellate Court Justice R. Eugene Pincham being held at the other end.

Freddrenna M. Lyle

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