Saturday, May 26, 2007

I was just looking at a Russ Stewart column right now

I want to note something, and I think it's a bold prediction...
7th Ward (South Chicago): Bill Beavers, who has been a committeeman since 1984, was an alderman from 1983 to 2006. When he resigned to become a county commissioner, Daley appointed his daughter, Darcel, as alderman. But she lost big to Sandi Jackson, the wife of U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., by a margin of 6,462-3,703. Expect Beavers to lose for committeeman in 2008 and for commissioner in 2010.
I think I can possibly see Beavers defeated for 7th Ward Democratic Committeeman, but he loses his commissioner's seat. I wonder what's Stewart's justification for it. I get the idea that people don't care about the Cook County Board of Commissioners enough to want to get ride of Beavers.

It's a long shot, but who knows people might still be upset at him for his role in installing Todd Stroger as a replacement on the ballot for his father John Stroger. I wonder if voter have long memories. Indeed last year during the time they was negotiating how to get Stroger to replace his father, there was a lot of cynical ideas going about.

Hmmm, if Stewart's prediction is going to be true this can only mean that the Beavers machine is falling hard and quickly.

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