Saturday, March 24, 2007

Iran takes some hostages.

Today I feel like looking at the world scene. Two nations dominate the news scene of the world because they are seeking build nuclear weapons. On Friday one of those nations Iran was in the news.

What happened?

Iran has taken 15 Royal Navy personnel hostage. The breakdown is 8 Royal Navy and 7 Royal Marines. Among that group is one woman. Here's a little more of the story...
Iranian armed forces spokesman Gen Ali Reza Afshar told Iranian radio the crew were being interrogated and had admitted being in Iranian waters.

He also said they were in "sterling health" and there had been no problems.

The British government says the eight sailors and seven marines were in Iraqi waters. It has demanded their immediate release.

The Fars news agency says the group - including one woman - was flown to Iran's capital and arrived in the Iranian capital at 1200 local time (0830 GMT).

Satellite tracking systems on the British boats proved they were inside Iranian waters, it added.
The 15 were seized on Friday after boarding a boat in the Gulf.

They were from HMS Cornwall, based in Plymouth - the flagship of the coalition-Iraqi force which patrols Iraqi territorial waters in the northern Gulf to combat smuggling.

The Cornwall's commander, Commodore Nick Lambert, said they had been inspecting an Iraqi boat before clearing its skipper to continue with his business.

When they returned to their two small boats, they were "promptly arrested".

The helicopter then saw the British boats being moved along the Shatt al-Arab waterway to Iranian bases, Cmdr Lambert said.

There had been no evidence of fighting, he added.

When I first heard this story it conjured up images of British ships of the line getting ready to attack a nation for their trangressions. I mean this in the sense of the British Navy's status as a superpower way back when. These days a lot of diplomatic manuevering is used instead of seapower.

Right now though I don't know about Iran. It seems all a nation needs is an excuse to engage in a rather agressive over the top action such as this. We'll see how this will work out.

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