Friday, August 04, 2006

The Homes of Chatham Crossing...

I was taking the train today and I saw a sign from the L. This new development was located right off the Dan Ryan at about 89th Place. I like how some of those homes look too.

There are basically two types of homes: single family and park homes. I still have visions of getting a bungalow but these are the type of houses I'd really want to get my hands on. I like both the single family and the park homes. I'd really spend money on getting me the single family homes. And at that there are four types as you'll see in this next graphic.
Well I'd rather a home with a porch but if you look at the website you will see a basic blueprint of the interior. More than the outward appearance I really like the space inside. This is just a new neighborhood in the established Chatham community.

I really like this description of Chatham, which is largely a black middle class community on the south side of Chicago, which I got from the website...

The Chatham neighborhood has always maintained a strong sense of community pride with residents and area leaders who work hard and remain active in the community. The Homes of Chatham Crossing honors that tradition by offering solid construction homes with landscaped areas that provide value to the homeowner. As an established neighborhood, Chatham offers many area amenities, such as Whitney Young Chicago Public Library, numerous public and magnet schools, Chicago State University, several neighborhood parks, "The Rink", and the Chatham 14-screen movie theater. Chatham Crossing is also just a few blocks from the 87th Street Red Line Station and Interstate 94. Everything you need to create your lifestyle.
Check out the Chatham Crossing website.

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