Friday, October 28, 2005

A couple of items for fun.

I forgot to mention my hometown team Chicago White Sox winning the world series on Wednesday. And I didn't expect a sweep, indeed I didn't expect them to go so far. Indeed they did and they won it all. Their first title since 1917. They effectively swept the NL champion Houston Astros. Since it took the White Sox over a century to win a world title perhaps it's time for the Cubs to step up to the plate and contend for it next year. Imagine this next year, the Cubs and White Sox meet for the first crosstown series in Chicago since 1906. It happened folks and the White Sox won that contest. In 1906 Wrigley Field and Old Comiskey Park had yet to be built, in fact the Cubs were based on Chicago's west side.

Oh by the way. I mentioned this on my other blogs which is a different animal than this one. I said that if there readership was there I'd get a paypal account or something and start a fund so I can get the cool equipment I so desire. So here are the possible funds I want to start if possible.
  • I need high speed internet access fund.
  • I need a digital camera with focus fund.
  • I need a tripod and other equipment fund.
  • I need my own webspace fund.
  • I need my own computer fund

If I come up with anymore I'll let you guys know OK.

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