Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Lately I've been having...

California Dreams. It was a good trip that I took back in July. I still plan to provide some video of my latest excursion. I never imagined feeling this way about that place particularly Los Angeles, California. I never imagined wanting to live out there. This has been triggered by a thread at one of my favorite forums talking about a TV show that is filmed out there.

Well who knows, I would like to visit out there again in the near future. Perhaps it's Hollywood that I like or the palm trees. Either way I'm feeling it. Not sure I want to really drive around out there but it's all good.

Like I said I still plan to post a video. I just want to cut it so that I don't use up time and bandwith. I don't want you guys to get too bored. On top of that I'm not sure if I'll break them up into seperate videos or a single one. For now I want to do a single one. We'll see. Besides I've made cuts of our time in LA as seperate videos. I haven't downloaded them all onto the harddrive however. I'm stilling missing our day at Universal Studios out there.

I will get them up soon. I should have done this over Labor Day or at the very least before I returned to school this summer. So hopefully I can do this by the end of the year. Perhaps even by Thanksgiving. I just want to share this with you. That is all.

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