Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ronald Reagan

I want to take a time out and acknowledge one of our late Presidents. And if it wasn't for the love the American people gave him when he passed away last June. Most of us saw the pomp and circumstance of his state funeral and the theatrics.

However, a lot of people remember good times under Reagan. The economy was booming. America was strong again. There was a faith in this country again.

Alas I can't say that I feel the enthusiasm, however, I respect why so many people loved him as their President. He is the standard which we measure up our recent presidents. George W. Bush was supposed to be a return of the Reagan years.

That being said, I'm a supporter of President Bush. I loved his leadership during the trying times during and after 9/11. Could Reagan have done any better? Well I saw what Bush did. I must say that after the Reagan funeral George W. Bush was for me what Ronald Reagan was to many during his time as President.

Today February 6, 1911 was his birth. June 5, 2004, he was born into eternity.

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potatowned said...

Reagan renewed the faith and pride of Americans, despite political affiliation. He is a legend and a hero of men. President Bush is doing some great things but only time will tell if he can build a legacy like that of the late President Reagan. The left pisses me off.. when Reagan died, even those most civil-tongued of libs were saying cruel things.

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