Friday, March 23, 2012

So the Feds have an informant within the Chicago machine?

OK, so I probably overstated that just a little. The Democratic organization that's headed by our Secretary of State Jesse White is out of the west side's 27th Ward. This is the organization that helped Derrick Smith get appointed to the Illinois House of Representatives. If you haven't been following this story a week before the state primary elections he had been arrested on suspicion of bribery. Smith went on to win the primary in spite of that arrest.

Anyway, so I find out on the Capitol Fax this morning that this informant has been helping out the Fed for at least 3-4 years. Makes me wonder why Rich Miller thinks this person comes from Jesse White's ranks. I mean if a campaign worker probably got the Fed onto Smith's tail it had to have been an insider, right?

So if Miller says anyone within the 27th Ward Democratic Organization has to be concerned right now, is anyone else going down soon?

Also Jesse White has enjoyed a great standing in Illinois as Secretary of State. Many don't consider him corrupt but because of this situation it makes me wonder if his reputation is starting to take a hit because of this.

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