Thursday, May 05, 2011

No Photo: Why Obama Won't Release Osama bin Laden Death Image

Old news really but must be noted. I know there are many who want to see a photo, but last year I said I'll avoid watching any footage from that dreadful day. If it was ever released I do not plan to even lay eyes on OBL's shot up corpse.

A desire for catharsis, or perhaps just gruesome curiosity, has further stirred the photo frenzy. But in an interview with 60 Minutes that was recorded on Wednesday, Obama said the image was not going to be released. White House press secretary Jay Carney, who shared Obama's comments at Wednesday's press briefing, told reporters that the decision had not been finalized until the morning of the interview.  

According to Carney, Obama reasoned that the photo might cause "incitement to additional violence" or become fodder for martyrdom among those already outraged by bin Laden's death. But Obama also made the case that, if released, the image would be an unnecessary war trophy that changes neither the implications of bin Laden's death nor the widespread conspiracy theories about the conditions under which it took place. "We don't trot out this stuff as trophies," Obama said. "There are going to be some folks who deny it. The fact of the matter is, you will not see bin Laden walking on this earth again."

Not releasing the image will surely agitate conspiracy mongers like talk-radio hyperventilator Alex Jones, but evidence, photographic or otherwise, has never been much of an obstacle for Jones' black-helicopter fantasies. "Conspiracy theorists around the world will just claim the photos are doctored anyway, and there is a real risk that releasing the photos will only serve to inflame public opinion in the Middle East," Republican House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers said on Wednesday.

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Obama will go down in history as one of he great presidents¬. He has what it takes to bring this nation to the position of a great world leader we are and will be.. With humility an pride in this nation he stand up to those who are doubters and haters. This is the kind of leadership we have needed. One who has the courage to stand up to those who would paper the walls with ghoulish pictures of a slain enemy. He will not dignify any lounger those who prefer propaganda to truth and for one relieved that he has taken this stance. Torture did not kill Ossama. We may never know the intelligen¬ce that made it happen but then we never should.Our troops and people in foreign service will be safer.

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