Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bill Brady has ads on Instapundit

I spotted this tonight both at the top of the blog and in the sidebar. I took some screen captures below.

To be sure I'm unsure about the circumstances of these ads. I don't know if Brady purchased time from an internet ad service such as say GoogleAds or that he contacted Glenn Reynolds directly. Although using an ad service is more likely.

Also I wonder if the ad service used is able to hone in on me as an individual to be able to determine that I'm from Illinois and I may be interested in an ad for Bill Brady for Governor. Well I don't plan on doing much research on that, this only caught me by surprise.

Knowing that Instapundit is read mostly by people who are conservative or right wing, this was perfect placement. Although the ads likely won't be seen by people from Illinois.

Another way to look at it. Well if this is supposed to be a big year for Republicans as many hope they may retake Congress and possible take over governorships around the country perhaps this was a smart buy. Sine Brady has a high probability of beating our incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn all this may do is allow prospective out of state donors - who just so happen to read Instapundit - to donate money to Brady.

However a Bill Brady ad got onto this most widely read national blog, I was amazed to see him there. I dare say that this race just went national!

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Gerard said...

Plus, it's a high-traffic website. Smart move on Brady's part.

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