Wednesday, August 20, 2008

US Rep. Tubbs Jones of Ohio Suffers Aneurysm

I actually heard on the radio that she has passed away, but I can't find a write up at this moment. The most I found was that she was to be taken off of life-support. Surely there will be more out there. WOW!!!

Here's an AP story about her aneurysm.

CNN says that she's still in critical condition but also states...
Democratic sources previously had told CNN Tubbs Jones had died.
The Hotline on Call blog indicates that...
Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH), the first African-American woman to represent OH in the House, is in critical condition at a Cleveland hospital after suffering an aneurysm. CNN and other outlets have been reporting her death. But her physician, speaking at a press conference moments ago, said she has limited brain function but is still alive.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer reported earlier today that Tubbs Jones died after suffering a brain aneurysm last p.m. while driving and that she was removed from life support at 12:19 pm.
Why the eagerness to report her demise?

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