Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pajama's Media: Obama's Race Against Race

In reading this article I'm very disappointed that they're still pegging most blacks (if not all blacks) are monolithic in terms of how they believe in this idea of racial grievance. Indeed a lot of black don't see Obama as the "black" candidate. Of course the "black" candidate may very likely not be close to winning a major party nomination for President.

I saw a video where former President Bill Clinton said that in 1984 and 1988 Rev. Jesse Jackson won South Carolina. I wonder why that should matter if for nothing else but downplay Sen. Obama's momentum so far in this race. Of course it hasn't so far though I will say that the momentum is being tested by the whole dead horse involving Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Trinity United Church of Christ. Let's not get distracted here.

Fact is racial grievance isn't going to win a race for President, but is only a vehicle for blacks to say that America is racist and is not living up to its responsibilities (whatever those are). If Obama won South Carolina because of the black vote then that should be proof enough that blacks have rejected the idea of racial grievance. Perhaps blacks are tired of this idea that America is such a horrible country and we have to call them out on it. I guess on that account perhaps Rev. Wright's preaching is probably bad news for Sen. Obama.

Anyway here's an excerpt from this article. It's worth a read...
What should someone who is passionate about E pluribus unum—who believes it is essential for America’s future that race have no place, that what Americans have in common must be embraced more than our diversity—think of Senator Obama’s candidacy?

First and foremost, the fact that an African-American candidate should be so popular, and should run a campaign that is racially undivisive and positive, is wonderful. Obama has rejected identity politics; true, he had to if he was to succeed; still, he did. The whites and other nonblacks voting for him have as well; his black supporters may not have, but it’s unrealistic to expect them to ignore Obama’s race, and he has not run as “their” candidate.

This does not mean, incidentally, that Geraldine Ferraro was incorrect in her observation that, were he not black, he would not be the Democratic front-runner.

It is almost inconceivable that a white male who, a little more than three years ago, was a state legislator with no national or international credentials, would—by dint of speechmaking ability alone—be poised to win his party’s nomination. But the point is that Obama did not ask for this adulation because of his race, even if race in part explains it.

Indeed, the fact that Obama has been so successful undercuts, perhaps decisively, the premise of the whole grievance industry: that America is racist, that black people cannot succeed, and that the ideal of E pluribus unum is an unrealistic one for the foreseeable future. Instead, the Obama candidacy shows that, for all with eyes to see, the future is now.
In other news this video disturbs me. Another man of the cloth, no one has ever heard of goes after Obama. It causes me to wonder if the whole religion industry in black America is in good hands. This video caused me to believe that it might not be in good hands.
This video is pure Obama hatred. His issue is that Obama has a white mother. Is that what makes him so horrible a person?

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