Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chicago City Council on your computer screens?

According to Chicagoist...
We cannot wait for tomorrow. Not just because it's the season premieres of The Office and Ugly Betty, but also because there's an even more important show debuting. On the internet.

We write, of course, of City Council Meetings, which, starting tomorrow, will be streamed online. Clear your calendars; the meeting starts at 10 a.m.

These meetings were supposed to be broadcast back in 2004, but aldermen are pretty pretty princesses. "Some aldermen complained that cameras free to pan the Council floor could paint an unflattering portrait of inattentive aldermen. They were afraid aldermen who arrive fashionably late, wheel and deal on the Council floor or doze off during long-winded speeches would be forced to clean up their act or risk providing video evidence for aldermanic challengers." And people say our government's priorities are out of whack.

The Sun-Times story says the "cast will be on the City Clerk's website," which we found tough to believe because ... well, click that link. It's like, the hyper color T-shirt of websites. But we called to check and were told the broadcast is a go, and tomorrow we should just "click on the website." Okiedoke. The fancy schmancier Committee On Finance site is supposed to carry it, too, but while that site's more attractive, it hasn't been updated since September 5.
What an unexpected surpise? I wonder if this would make for compelling watching. Meh probably not but at least city political junkies won't have to wait for the news coverage on either TV, newsprint or even online to see what happened at a session of Chicago's city council. This also means we might see the Children's Museum drama come to a head!

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