Friday, June 22, 2007

You know what should tick you off???

Commentors who come by and make a comment only to insult the author. It could be me or it could be an article I linked to (as they did when I linked to Russ Stewart recently). They didn't say anything about the article, but all they did was denigrate it based on the grammatical and spelling errors I made.

How pathetic!!! If I see crap like that again I intend to delete it.


JP Paulus said...

i understand where you're coming from, but i wouldn't delete such messages...

it gives the rest of us a chance to judge their attitude, and see if we really want to be aligned with those commentators

Unless something is just completely out of whack (like clearly spam or porn or trolling), it should stay on, so the public can decide, and speak out in favor of reason.

That's why i don't ask the moderators to delete messages on Buena Park neighbors message board. As much as they insult me, i feel like it's good for moderate people to read it and decide if they really should join in with the loudest voices, or to speak out and hold them acocuntable to their words.

Those ideas won't disappear if you censor them; they'll just go underground & foment into real hate, which we won't be able to address until it's too late.

Craig Gernhardt said...

If this were the case, I'd have to delete half my comments.

Rob said...

Yeah I've always thought picking on spelling errors on blogs was weak. Pick on the reasoning, not the grammar, what is the point.

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