Thursday, June 28, 2007

Two programs I saw tonight on WTTW

After I watched the Democratic presidential debate from Howard University in Washington, DC hosted by Tavis Smiley. BTW, there will be another debates for the Republicans on September 27th I believe.

Anyway, John Calloway hosted a show called Chicago Stories and today's story was about Mayor Richard J. Daley's rise to the mayoralty of Chicago. He held that for 21 years until his death in 1977. Great program with vintage footage and Calloway talked to one of the authors of the book American Pharoah, Elizabeth Taylor. They talked about a number of stories from Mayor Daley's life to the current Daley in office. Taylor says he's not as imaginitive and he's takled the issues that his father won't. For instance Mayor Richard M. Daley has been working on the issues of race relations, education, and even public housing.

For about an hour I was watching this documentary called Poverty in Chicago. Interesting movie with a camera pointed right onto several homeless individuals who were disabled or drug addicts. They went into neighborhood on the west side to look at the devastation as a result of crime, racial turnover, employers leaving and the list goes on. They talk to politicians such as State Senator Jacqueline Collins and Alderman Tony Preckwinkle and other experts in helping the homeless and the drug addicts. Very powerful story.

I wish I had known because I'd have used my VCR. Yeah I should get a Tivo or a DVR device shouldn't I.

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