Friday, June 29, 2007

I was at the Dirksen federal plaza yesterday...

On Dearborn and Adams where there is public space besides the post office. There was a rally that was about to start and I left just before the rally started. The nature of it seemed positive towards American efforts there. Here are some examples of the signs I observed there.

Stop killing Assyrians
Stop killing our clergy
Democracy in Iraq
Iraq is for all
Jesus deliver us from evil
Many religions ONE God

Inspiring isn't it. Many of these slogans. Some could be seen as jabs against the American occupation of Iraq, but the others seems supportive of the building of a new society there as well. And to be sure, there were Christian there and a few women wearing Muslim garb.

When I saw down for a minute to write some notes on what I observed a Christian minister had walked past me across the street to join this rally. In addition there were four American flags, three Iraqi flags, and a few other flags I can't identify. Unfortunately there were only a handful of people there maybe less than 50 there at the federal plaza.

I said yesterday that I had pictures. Well I did bump this post up and make some edit, but I will. If not here over at the Eye is where you'll see pics.

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