Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sneed's column today....

She discusses the opposition to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s endorsement of Pat Dowell as she seeks to unseat 3rd ward alderman Dorothy Tillman. THis coming from two of his congressional colleagues Bobby Rush and Danny Davis. I will post this breif excerpt in its entirety...

It's war: Representatives Bobby Rush and Danny Davis would love to jab Congressmate Jesse Jackson Jr. with a hat pin from one of Ald. Dorothy Tillman's (3rd) toppers!

• To wit: Rush and Davis are infuriated Jackson is backing Pat Dowell in her runoff against 24-year incumbent Ald. Dorothy "The Hat" Tillman.

• Quoth Rush: "This is outrageous! Dorothy is an original. A rarity. A leader since way back to the era of Harold Washington. She's a stellar supporter of African-American developers and business. Those of us who cut our teeth on reform politics in Chicago aren't going to go along with this just because there is a new kid on the block."

• Quoth Davis: "God is not through with Dorothy Tillman yet. I gave her my mother's last hat -- a felt hat with a feather in it -- when she died as an indication of respect for Dorothy and the leadership she provides. She built the Harold Washington Cultural Center; her work on slave reparations has garnered her international respect. What is Jesse thinking?"

I can always look at this as more of a generational rivalry more than anything. Rep. Jackson is attempting to flex his muscle and is doing so in time for the runoff next month.

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