Sunday, March 25, 2007

Motorola Q

I got me a new phone when I was home on spring break. It's a nice phone that allows me to take pictures. Alas it's still the basic phone that has a typical keypad.

By the time I got my new phone I realized I have a new interest, a "smart phone". I would call this a Blackberry type phone although Blackberry is more a brand than a type. These phones are said to have the functionality of computer. They can allow you to make calls, text and instant message, email, and surf the internet. And the nice QWERTY keypad wouldn't hurt either. These are cool features for a blogger like myself.

So if I were to get such a phone today, I would like the get the Motorola Q. The reason why is that I'm a big Motorola fan. Have been since the StarTac phones came out. Also the design of the Q is much in the same vein as the RAZR phone. The design is very sleek and slim.

The only thing I wish it has was a design similar to the Sidekick. It should just be a two-piece phone. Then again one can't get everything they want. I could look at all phones that are on the market now and in the past and find designs that I wish could be on everyphone.

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dan l said...

I'm giving serious thought to buying a Motorola krazr from Verizon this week.

I became highly anti Motorola after buying a junky startac based Moto braggin of a 'color screen' which really just had different color zones on the screen. The phone wouldn't have been bad if it weren't always breaking.

But the Razr has done so well and I've seen that it's built quite strong, I might just have to look at this Krazr thing. It's a little thicker, but more narrow and has an onboard MP3 player which I may just be able to put to good use.

We'll see.

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