Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dream big, start small

One of my favorite blogs as of late, Ask Pud, was posed a question about entrepreneurship. Mainly advice from "Pud" on success in life & business. This was his answer and I do think you would like it...
You always hear people say "follow your dreams and you can accomplish whatever you want" -- right? I know it sounds trite and cliche. And it is, but that's because there's one important thing missing.

The dream.

Most people don't know what their dream is. Notice I didn't say "most people don't have a dream." Everyone has a dream or a passion. But pulling it out is the hard part.

No longer. I'm gonna break it down for you. Here's the secret:


Now I don't mean don't shoot for the stars. Dream big, but set a SMALL goal to get everything moving in the right direction. I'll give you an example.

My goal when starting my first business, was "I want to throw away my alarm clock." Specifically, I hated (and still do) waking up early every morning. I said to myself, "there's gotta be a way to make the same amount of money I'm currently making, but wake up whenever I feel like it."

I figured out that I could be a freelance programmer, working from home. If my clients called in the morning and I didn't answer, they'd just think I was busy or at a meeting. The day I threw away my alarm clock was one of the happiest days of my life.

And guess what the side-effect was... I had a profitable, growing business.

One step at a time, in life and business.

Rock on,
Interesting, huh?

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