Saturday, September 16, 2006

A very good blog post about the big box ordinance...

From a blog called Global Cop. He lives in the 49th ward just like two Chicago blogs that are on my blogroll Broken Heart and Morose Hellhole. In any event this is something of a conservative blog that I've followed for a while now and it's great to see what he says about Ald. Joe Moore, the big box ordinace sponsor, it's not very flattering...

Moore's response to his bills defeat was to state that he will introduce a new bill, perhaps as soon as next Wednesday's Council meeting (20SEP06) that will expand his "living wage" to retailers with only 1000 employees. When asked by a reporter if the one thousand employee threshold covered only those employees within the city's borders, or would impact businesses who may only have a dozen employees in Chicago but 988 across the globe. The look on his face indicated to me that he hadn't thought much about that. Erring on the side of not offending SEIU, he went with the latter.

I called his office last night and left a message asking if this would cover employees at City Collegs of Chicago(CCC), a tax-payer funded institution that has many employees making less than Moore's "living wage."

Ald. Moore phone returned my call at 7:45 this morning and explained that his intention was that it only cover retail stores. With my face still buried in my pillow I thanked him for his prompt reply and muttered something like, "Ok, but don't forget those people too." He said he'd consider the idea; I said I'd keep an eye on the news for developments.

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Thomas Westgard said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Levois. I wonder how many "service" calls Joe returns at 7:45 am? Especially ironic is that one of us up here in RP was calling him on his cell phone while the Ramirez' house was burning, but he didn't answer. I guess early morning calls are okay for some purposes, but not for others.

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