Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I wonder what happened here...

In Matteson a family was found dead, all were shot to death. A husband, a wife and their daughter were found dead in their home as Matteson police were doing a well being check. Then in Oscela, Florida the police there were seeking the next of kin for this young man who killed himself in a motel room. This is about when things started to go into motion.

The family was found yesterday, but apparently this young man shot himself on Monday. Now these folks are all related Laron C. Bowens was 20 then his sister Tyesha was 18, his parents Ronald and Tamara Bowens were 42 and 40. There just has to be an explanation as to what happened here.

Why did the son kill himself and what would he have killed his family? There just has to be answer because the way I see it, this is a waste. Honestly I've heard a lot about Matteson, it is a fairly upscale or affluent community and it does have a large minority population.

Son of slain family found dead in Florida from Chicago Tribune
3 Found Fatally Shot In Suburban Home Identified and check out the video from CBS2Chicago.


Shanille Bowens said...

I am a member of the family who was killed in Matteson. In the article you say "its just a waste" What exactly are you stating is a waste??

Levois said...

Poor choice of words. I was just attempting to state how unfortunate the deaths were. If I have offended I do apologize.

cynthia said...

I don't know if I think it is a poor choice of words. It is a waste. You have apparently good upstanding people that were murdered in a senseless manner. It is unfortunate that this happened (period). But it still seem like a waste of many good lives.

Shanille Bowens said...
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